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I am a UX designer who enjoys thinking about the big picture, unpacking problems, and framing opportunities. I am a strong believer in using design thinking to improve people's lives and their environment.

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Empower time-starved young professionals and parents to shop plastic-free and sustainably by delivering plastic-free groceries to them while providing a wider range of fresh perishable products.


Plastic packaging manufacturing has skyrocketed and recycling is not the long-term solution. One good solution is package-free shopping but it’s inconvenient for users and expensive for a business to run.


Through user research and expert research, I discovered the opportunity for delivery services that accommodates a wider range of perishable goods and automated handling to save operation cost.


  • Let the user needs lead
  • Consulting the expert gives you more in-depth insights
  • Project planning (management and scoping)
  • System thinking

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