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I am a UX designer who enjoys thinking about the big picture, unpacking problems, and framing opportunities. I am a strong believer in using design thinking to improve people's lives and their environment.

When I’m not staring at my laptop, I love to go near the waters or go for food with friends and have a good time!


ux connections

UX Connections / UX Consultants

2021 - Present

  • Project discovery: Conduct user research and requirement gathering workshops, map out user journeys, define ways of working
  • Project delivery: Create wireframes and prototypes for user testing, create high-fidelity UI designs along with the design system, and collaborate with developers to build the final product
  • Worked for various clients: RAPP, Ralph Lauren, PayPal, Mulberry, Ericsson
ux connections

Shark Ninja UK / Human centred Intern

2019 - 2020

  • Conduct user research and ideation sessions, Create rapid prototypes, 3D CAD & renderings
  • Learn to apply the design process in real-world contexts and create realistic project plans
  • What I wanted to do next: Design products with multiple touchpoints that address a wider range of users' needs, all while sustainably manufactured

What I find important in design

Design the right thing right

Design the right thing right

  • I believe spending time to understand the root cause of the problem helps organisations save money and resources in the long-term
  • It also allows the designer/ engineer/ businessman to see the bigger picture and put in the effort to solve the right problem


  • Related to the last point, by focusing our resources on the right problem area, we reduce waste that way
  • Sustainability is also not just about the environment, but also socially how can we help vulnerable groups live an independent, happy, and sustainable life

More about me...

🇭🇰 From Hong Kong

I am born and raised in Hong Kong, came to study at Loughborough University, and settled in London since I graduated. Experiencing these cultural differences also help me develop empathy and sensitivity.

✨ Try new things

I love trying new things, traveling, and seeking new experiences. I'm always searching for the magic moment that I want to create for the users of my products.

💻 Made this website to learn to code

I didn’t grow up passionate about tech and programming but thought it was never too late. I learn things best in practice, so I set this goal to learn basic HTML, CSS, and Javascript in the making of my website

🍵 🛶️ Love matcha latte & kayaking

Sounds basic but I do enjoy having a matcha latte to wake up a bit. When I get to be a bit more sluggish, I enjoy kayaking or just going into nature and coming back feeling refreshed!

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